Keeping warm – 4 winter looks as seen on our Brides


With winter approaching fast and lots of beautiful winter weddings coming up, we’re looking back at some of the stylish and unique ways in which our brides have accessorised their dresses to stay warm during the colder months.

keeping warm winter wedding cover up (1)


Beautiful bride Sarah kept toasty for outdoor shots with a soft blue cardigan, which went perfectly with the rustic, natural feel of her wedding.

Image by Vanda Ralevska – see more here.

keeping warm winter wedding cover up (4)
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Violet & Wren luxury loungewear – Launch event at Miss Bush

Violet & Wren luxury loungewearViolet & Wren luxury loungewear

As I am on a promise to myself to try and write something daily – not just share Instagram pictures from my bed as I just did – I have forced myself into an appropriated hoodie and ancient PJ bottoms and have thrown myself in front of the stack of  started/shelved blog posts in drafts.  A litany of misery and a sensibly aborted attempts to take on a completely fantastical and fictitious bad  ‘reviews’ have just been deleted. The one post that now has new resonance and is long overdue is the Violet & Wren launch day back in the Spring. Yup nothing like being on your game with your writing.

I shared a snap on Instagram this morning of my legs , feet up, with a lovely shiny pedicure in front of a huge Brighton hotel window. For my engagement shoot I decided to trial and emulate a wedding morning. None of this ‘not seeing the groom’ right? I don’t know where the bad luck is supposed to come if you do spend the night together from but now I suspect it is a myth spread by grooms to give them an exit strategy from the girly pampering session which is only interesting if you are the Pamperer or Pamperee.

For this part of the day I had of course been dying to try the Violet and Wren loungewear that we stock at Miss Bush. Despite my attempts to a create sophisticated lifestyle at home, silk kimonos, along with silk boxers, are the stuff of hotel room seduction and photo ready glamour.

I chose the bold Lacquered Rose design and the photos here from our styling day also show the Glasshouse Palm and Magnolia Glow. Professional shots to follow.

Violet & Wren luxury loungewearViolet & Wren luxury loungewear

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Katherine wearing Georgia by Sottero and Midgley

Miss Bush Surrey Sottero Midgley Devon Wedding (10)

Today, we’re delighted to share with you our very first Real Bride post featuring ‘Sottero & Midgley‘ an offshoot of Maggie Sottero who joined Miss Bush last year.

Katherine & Mark were married in June last year at Pamflete House on the Flete Estate in South Devon, and Katherine looked beautiful in her stunning Sottero & Midgeley gown.

Miss Bush Surrey Sottero Midgley Devon Wedding (14)

The Dress

Katherine took her Mum and sister dress shopping with her, and hadn’t originally planned to visit us here at Miss Bush; she would have been more than happy to settle on a High Street dress! Little did she know that ‘The One’ was waiting for her here behind our chapel doors…

“I tried on two dresses before the Georgia. When I stepped into the dress it instantly felt like it was meant to be. People say the dress finds you…well I can assure you this was the case. Both my Mom and Sister had that face which said ‘oh dear…the game has just changed’. It was such an event that my 10 month old niece crawled for the first time. I am not sure if it was towards the beautiful dress or Emma’s leopard print shoes.

From the initial phone call with Emma to the final fitting with Lorie I never felt like I was in a showroom or museum. It felt like a home. Emma never judged me for wanting to wear a high street dress or for wanting to avoid the lime light. She embraced my quiet and private personality and encouraged me in all the right ways.”

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Real Bride – Lucy wearing Jenny Packham Dentelle

Jenny Packham Aspen

I have been threatening to write Lucy’s blog post for months now. Leah has entreated me not to do another thing before I start, finish and publish.

Lucy probably doesn’t know the position she occupies in Miss Bush history. Work life balance is a myth; my personal life, my family, my bread-winning, my business are all one and the same. Intrinsically linked and tangled. One informing and involving the other. Lucy was one of the first brides to be ‘Old Bush’ and ‘ New Bush ‘ We first met at the first Brides the Show, our first appointment was at the old shop and the last fitting was under the vaulted ceiling of The Chapel.

My annus horribilus that was 2014 saw the worst rain in years tear through the dilapidated structure of the old shop and wreck our alarm and comms.  Our old credit card provider held a gun to our head effectively demanding £300k with menaces. We were hit by an £8000 shoplifting spree by career criminals,. A ceiling collapsed due to the slow drip of a leaking water tank bringing with it the ghastly reveal of unsafe structural timbers. An agonising visit from the loss adjusters brought to light that were woefully under-insured, our lease was murkily impenetrable and our old landlord intractable.  The vast sums of money  spent make me shudder. This was trumped with the most nonsensical legal claim (eventually thrown out of court by a judge after months of torment  and solicitors fees) from a previous  bride that included a final sting claiming loss of earnings… The old shop suddenly had bad karma and was dragging us spiritually down with it.

Our move to The Chapel was a visibly a glittering success carved out by an invisible, exhausting & extended family effort to burn the midnight oil, the dawn oil in fact any kind of metaphor involving candles at both ends will do. From a non existent budget we created a very special place.

Would spirituality and kindness seep into the stones of a Chapel? Does design vision coupled with a committed family work ethic create a more nurturing environment?

Lucy was drawn to Miss Bush by Chromium yellow capes and dramatic stripes on the Brides The Show stand where we had designed and engineered a fully experiential stand design. From smell to sight, touch and taste a new concept of  retailing was being born – the candle designed to scent the stand now perfumes the Chapel.

At Lucy’s last fitting, her standing standing in her platinum Jenny Packham dress with dramatic Biba jacket and flame red hair I realised  that the most brilliant thing about my experiment with  ‘contemporary experiential retailing’ is that it’s not a an experiment. This is a personal vision that attracts like minded brides and that is pretty much perfect. For us.

I haven’t been able to write for some time as the horror of the previous year made me fearful of the keyboard. Nobody needs to read about collapsing to one’s knees with exhaustion.  Nobody need to hear me railing against ‘the man’ and the many faced morally  bankrupt legal and financial institutions I have had to deal with. I may not have been trusted to be balanced or fair – or worse still not funny!

Now, a year on with balance I can start to write again. To take time to enjoy what Miss Bush creates for brides. I can remember as clear as it if yesterday marveling at Lucy’s show choices – helping with the jacket selection, lusting over her Mum Rebecca’s Prada MOB dress and bridesmaid Chelsea’s cute as a button bridesmaid dress. The intimate discussion about bras, the faffing with headdresses – the little luxuries and the closeness that make bridal retail sometimes the best job in the world.

Jenny Packham Aspen

Maunsel House, the venue chosen by Lucy and Tim is just lush in the greatest sense of the word. Decadent, relaxed, unique – the perfect Bohemian, hippy luxe paradise perfect for creative arts-loving couple.

Lucy in Jenny Packham Aspen for a quirky alternative winter wedding Miss Bush (3)

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Chapel Event – Festive Wreath Workshop With Bloomingayles


We are excited to be hosting a fabulous event in the chapel at the beginning of December, and thought that you might be interested in attending. Kick start the festive season with an enjoyable afternoon crafting your very own beautiful wreath under the guidance of one of our favourite florists, the lovely Gayle from Bloomingayles.


12:00 – 2:00pm | £75pp | 12 places available

Attendees shall create a 14″ Christmas Wreath using traditional eco friendly methods on a moss and wire frame. A large selection of different seasonal British grown foliage will be provided to choose from, with an array of traditional rustic decorations including cinnamon bundles, cones and orange slices to decorate, finished with the ribbon of your choice.

Attendees will also receive an apron of their own and florist snips to keep, along with a goody bag to take home.

3:00pm – 5:00pm | £95pp | 12 places available

Attendees shall create a 16″ Christmas Wreath using traditional eco friendly methods on a moss and wire frame. A large selection of different seasonal British grown foliage and flowers will be provided along with an assortment of adornments and decorations to add some glizt, finished with the ribbon of your choice.

Attendees will also receive an apron of their own and florist snips to keep, along with a goody bag to take home.

If you’re interested in attending, get in touch with Gayle direct by emailing or click here.

Emma Meek, MD of Miss Bush
Miss Bush  is Surrey’s leading designer bridal shop