Jenny Packham Accessories Day – Exclusive to Miss Bush Brides

We are very excited to announce the date for our next accessories day here at the Miss Bush chapel, with hair and beauty trials from Sharon Roberts Hair and Carolanne Armstrong.

Hayley Bray PhotographyHayley Bray Photography

These events are invitation only and exclusive to Miss Bush brides – the perfect opportunity to come and try on our selection of beautiful accessories from Jenny Packham, whilst experimenting with a selection of different bridal beauty looks.

Our last event was a huge success, with many of our brides finding the perfect finishing touches to complement their stunning wedding dress choices!

Hayley Bray PhotographyHayley Bray Photography

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Real Bride – Natalie wearing Jesus Peiro

real bride natalie jesus peiro (3)

Babies. I am possibly more broody now than ever I was when I was younger and actually had a full set of eggs that still had years until their sell by date. Now I assume the fertility ship has sailed. I have no desire to be a biological miracle and have a late 40s hobby baby but I DO love babies. I had always assumed that being nagged for grandchildren by your parents was just another in the list of irritants that starts with enforced curfews and scathing condemnation of your next wannabe rockstar boyfriend. Now I see, as the creeping hot flush nights begin, that the desire for grandchildren is as palpable as the desire for your own children. As I had my own children unfashionably young I find myself pram staring and toy waggling and the babies and toddlers of brides and friends.

A bride to be was in the shop in the last week and had her own Mother and 7 month old baby. Corinne was conducting the appointment but I did end up playing hide and seek and swooping one of those flat as road kill stuffed toys at the darling girl until she was giggling so much I gave her hiccups. For which I am sorry, but, in my defence, we were having fun. The presence of so many babies, so many brides being Mums before their wedding was still unusual at the dawn of Miss Bush back in the 80s. Now my very favourite brides provide me with the cutest kids to keep the nagging of my own children at bay.

real bride natalie jesus peiro (1)

The only potential hazard with ridiculously cute kids is they have every possibility of upstaging you at you own wedding. When I looked over Natalie’s wedding photos the sense of family was immense.

In Natalie’s own words;

“We had an amazing day and I loved my dress… the star of the show was definitely our daughter Cora who entered the church with my mother with everyone waiting for my entrance, and said in a very matter of fact way “hello Daddy”. She then had a huge tantrum mid ceremony, which ended in me having to cradle her at the altar……! And lastly following Rufus and myself out of the church with her dress around her neck!”

real bride natalie jesus peiro (4)

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Real Bride – Emily wearing Jenny Packham Willow

Real bride Jenny Packham Willow (1)
Now I have been very tardy in writing my blog posts, I am the first to admit that. Life, work and the business of bridal gets in the way of my fantasy job of clicking away at a keyboard writing a novel. Ditto some brides are a tad sluggish in sending in some photos over. Emily Nash is such a bride but does have the excuse that she worked on one of the UKs biggest newspapers at the pointy end of journalism and conceived it would appear the minute the bouquet was thrown

“Sorry this is so late, but here are some photos from our wedding as promised (many months ago!). I got distracted by having a baby exactly nine months after our wedding and am just about over the shock of the first five months, so I thought I would send these. They were taken by a press photographer mate of mine, Rowan Griffiths … a guy who works for the Mirror, so he’s not worried about any credits! ( Blimey the wedding photographers will lynch me if I don’t!).”

Real bride Jenny Packham Willow (2)
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Guy’s Brides – a few words from Wedding Photographer Guy Collier

Vicki and James - High Resolution (269 of 443)

On Tuesday we shared Cat & Josh’s fun and fabulous wedding from brilliant wedding photographer, Guy Collier. Guy is quickly becoming part of the ‘Miss Bush Dream Team’ – a group of suppliers that work together again and again to repeatedly produce stunning results for our brides. We love them all, and so do our clients! As Cat said “I thought you recommended these people because they were your friends, but they are genius.”

Emma followed this post with a feature about a non-Miss Bush bride on Tuesday, to stress the importance of beautiful wedding photographs to document your day.

On the flip side, many photographers will agree that finding a dress that you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in that fits you perfectly is equally important, and finding the right boutique for you is paramount! Here are some words from Guy on the subject…

Cat and Josh - High Resolution (171 of 400)

“The wedding dress. Dreamt of by a million little girls. Made real by a million not-sol-little girls. Getting the right one. That’s the trick. With so many styles, choices and budgets it’s a minefield out there. Get it right and watch your husband-to-be’s eyes light up as he sees for coming down that aisle. Get it wrong and prepare yourself for a day of fidgeting, adjusting and cursing.

This is where the proper bridal boutiques come in. What do I mean by proper? Those that won’t shove you into what they have left. They won’t hear your budget and use that as a target. Instead they’ll offer an expert eye and hand. Gently suggesting, through years of seeing what works and what doesn’t, the right one for you. And then the most important bit – fitting it properly.

Felicity and Stewart - High Resolution (295 of 480)

I’d say the fitting is the most important part. I see a lot of brides on their wedding days, and you can tell a dress that’s well-fitted from a distance. Close-up it’s even more obvious. A neatly clipped waist. Cleavage where it should be. A hint. Length just so. Straplesss where it works, and not where it doesn’t. None of us has the perfect body. But choose your boutique well and walk out with the dress that works for you.

Without fail, whenever I walk into a wedding to photograph the bridal prep and see a dress with ‘Miss Bush’ I smile. I know it’ll be The One, and I know it’ll have the perfect fit. I know I’ll spend the day photographing a bride utterly at ease with her dress, and one happier to be photographed because she knows she nailed it.

Wasing Park wedding photography - Sam and Dan (100 of 200) (1)

Brides. Go to a proper boutique. One like Miss Bush Bridal. You’ll thank them for it…”

Miss Bush
Miss Bush  is Surrey’s leading designer bridal shop

(Sort of) Real Bride – Leah wearing… ASOS

real bride leah wearing asos wedding (3)
When I was a teenager the hunt for a Saturday job was perhaps more competitive than it is now. There were no coffee shops, no 25 tills in Primark, no Sunday opening & very few all night shifts in Sainsburys. The vast out of town retail parks were just a twinkle in the eye of a demonic planner trying to send us to hell by way of Oak Furnitureland . The key target shops for the sharpened elbows of 15 year old Guildford dwelling Sloane Rangers in need of an income were Hobbs, Jigsaw, Benetton & Russell and Bromley. For the training? For the career prospects? Of course not, for the discounts and the staff uniforms. My friend Karen’s Russell and Bromley uniform was from Jaeger and the discounts on the Chelsea boots were worth pulling a bad shift in the kids section at ‘back-to-school’ time.  Staff discount has always been a huge motivator for retailers, so what happens when all you retail is bridal wear?

Leyla, our Client Relationship Manager also got married in October and made the staff discount work in her way, the results of which will be revealed in You and Your Wedding in February and subsequently on the Miss Bush blog.

I am still not getting married so with the prospect of Brides magazine’s 60th Birthday Ball in the offing I commissioned Suzanne Neville to make me a dress. It’s pretty much a wedding dress but black and another example of the rare opportunity to indulge in staff discount. Call me Katherine Jenkins…

real bride leah wearing asos wedding (5)

When I got wind of our Digital Media & Design Manager Leah’s impending elopement my first impulse was to offer her a dress.  I knew Leah had tried on a dress at Miss Bush with graphic stripes & clean lines that she loved. What you choose in abstract when you are not getting married and what you choose in reality when your ‘big day’ or in Leah’s case your small intimate day arrives is another matter.

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