One Day Sample Sale!

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There is no need to grab your sleeping bag and besiege The Chapel the minute the last stroke of midnight blends in with the sound of people trying to making up words to the unknown verses of Auld Lang Syne. Myself included.  The Sample Sale is a sedate affair, still by appointment, but free, and the zen-like atmosphere of The Chapel prevents any frenetic pushing and shoving.

I thought I’d Google Auld Lang Syne to see if I could swipe a bon mot from the song to be clever and I thought I’d found one!

We twa hae run about the braes
And pu’d the gowans fine;
But we’ve wander’d mony a weary foot
Sin auld lang syne.


This apparently has nothing to do with South African BBQs, fine dresses or money which would have segued neatly into my blog post! In a tortuous manner I am still going to make this relevant

We have run about the slopes (other bridal shops)

And picked some ok daisies (fine dresses but not ‘the one’)

And our feet have walked (bridal) miles

Since a long time ago

In effect Burns is commanding you to come to the Miss Bush Sale in this verse…

If anyone from the University of Warwick would like to rescind my degree I completely understand. If the Scots/Gilchrist side of the family want to disown me for taking Rabbie’s words in vain ditto. You try coming up with interesting copy for a Sample Sale…

Gorgeous current season dresses that are as easy on the mince pies as they are on the bread and honey. I may have wandered off into a Google-sphere and found myself in the rhyming slang section


Great dresses, great prices and no Prosecco to tempt you off the dry-January wagon. See you in 2015!



one day sale

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Emma Meek, MD of Miss Bush
Miss Bush  is Surrey’s leading designer bridal shop

Christmas gifts for Miss Bush brides

Christmas gifts for brides

Good morning! Christmas Day is looming ever closer, and here at Miss Bush we’re finishing off one of the busiest years in our 26 year history in anticipation of our much awaited Christmas break. Christmas seems to have ambushed us all this year and we’re not quite ready! If you’ve been feeling the same and haven’t had time to shop for that special lady in your life here are some pointers from around the web. The Miss Bush bride is stylish, organised and oh so cool, so we think that she’ll love this selection of useful designer stationery, pampering products and luxury items.
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Vote for us in the UK Blog Awards!

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Entering these Awards is the very definition of punching above my weight. I suspect all the main UK wedding blogs will poll thousands of more votes than  I will and I have snowball’s chance in hell of getting through to the next round.

Why put myself through when losing is the most likely outcome?

Firstly, someone nominated us. Someone enjoys reading the blog which I find very comforting, so for the anonymous proposer I feel obliged to make a valiant stand.

Secondly, I actually love my blog and if I didn’t work in the shop, and have hundreds of brides and thousands of appointments annually I would be quite happy murmuring, ranting & rejoicing by the keyboard daily.

Thirdly, Leah Spicer. For Leah I want to make this effort. Ever since this powerhouse of a designer and IT expert took control of Miss Bush’s online output I think we look as smart as a well cut dress. Almost weekly I am surprised by a new feature or innovation that has been added to the blog. Recently this has included being able to sort posts by dress designer, wedding style, location, colour and photographer. There are easier to access categories along the top, larger images and improved ad spaces for sponsors and recommended suppliers. Who knows how to do this kind of digital alchemy? Certainly not me… Yes there are bigger wedding blogs but none of them are run by anyone that has ever done a days work in the wedding industry proper. What Leah has allowed me to do is access the same technology of the big wedding blogs that I so ardently admire and bring a truly expert opinion.

Trade friends reading the blog will recognise a unique voice and perspective that comes from 20 years at the coal face of bridal wear. A fearless voice unafraid to tackle issues, failings and shortcomings in our industry.

Miss Bush brides will recognise our personality, sense of humour and utter devotion to our  brides before, during and after the process of buying a dress.

Hopefully strangers to Miss Bush will find gorgeous inspirational images, and can engage with my story and those of our brides.

As a final footnote to this, and a thought to consider, blogging is revolutionary, evolutionary, rebellious, liberating and sometimes just great fun. Finding a voice, getting read and building a readership feels empowering. There is no waiting and hoping that a media channel whether print, online or on air will pick up your story, you can just get on and write it. For these reasons I ask you to vote Bush…

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Emma Meek, MD of Miss Bush
Miss Bush  is Surrey’s leading designer bridal shop

Real Bride – Hannah in Jenny Packham Daphne

Hannah wearing Jenny Packham from Miss Bush Bridal Boutique in Ripley Surrey by Marshal Gray (1)

Sometimes working in the bridal business can feel like being in a chick flick version of Edge of Tomorrow, the film where Tom Cruise dies. A lot. I know this is not my normal film fodder but sometimes, when sci-fi and fantasy refusenik, Marshy is out, I love nothing more than getting my geek on with my teenage sons’ film choices. The Lovely Marshy has now realised that we don’t do this for fun but to find plot holes in the narrative. The strap line of the movie is Live Die Repeat. For my working life Love, Dress, Repeat would be a perfect subtitle; a loop of gorgeousness which admittedly does not entail destroying the Alien Mothership, but some days…

How do I survive this glamorous hamster wheel? How does this bridal world not become mundane?

The answers are multifarious. I meet and work with extraordinary brides and designers; our dresses are exquisite. I can be ‘me’, I can have huge amounts of fun and, because of my longevity, I am like Tom Cruise in the beach landing scene in the Edge of Tomorrow; I can negotiate most bridal scenarios like I’ve been there before.

One day in September 2013 either the Gods were smiling or the alien horde had picked another boutique. Hannah breezed into Miss Bush with her parents just as the Jenny Packham Daphne dress was delivered. How could I not effect a Girl-Meets-Dress moment? In my dreams I look like Hannah. In reality I enjoy vicariously the wearing of a dress of such perfect cut and detail by my brides.

Hannah wearing Jenny Packham from Miss Bush Bridal Boutique in Ripley Surrey by Marshal Gray (2)

Hannah’s dress is classic Jenny Packham to the last detail. Pure ivory silk chiffon with statement Swarovski crystal to the natural waist and traffic stopping keyhole back. I’m not going to lie, Daphne requires a neat bust but it needs no tit tape, it forgives all kinds of canape induced food-baby tummies and lets you wear nice pants! Hannah chose the Kalmia III in crystal to compliment the look. Sometime more is just more.

Hannah wearing Jenny Packham Daphne from Miss Bush Bridal Boutique in Ripley Surrey by Marshal Gray (3)

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Introducing Rembo Styling and Sottero + Midgley


The way buyers pick wedding dresses for their stores and the way brides pick dresses are as different as chalk and tulle. Brides come to me clutching an iPad loaded with Pins from obscure middle eastern designers with dress backs so bum-grazingly low that we now have Type II  back cleavage , inaccessible micro-couturiers from down-under and mid-western low-key brides sporting what turns out to be £10k worth of US mega brand worn casually with dusty boots next to some burlap and a rattlesnake.

Pinterest is incredibly inspirational but several times over the last week I have had to perform delicate surgery removing pale, raven-haired, Celtic-skinned  beauties from their blonde, golden skinned, surf-spray hair, flower crown & lace loaded boards. My job as a stylist is to make real the mood boards looks, to interpret the spirit of a trend but critically reflect the individuality of the bride before me.


What I  have to do as a pro buyer is to find dresses that allow our brides to style them in a personal way but crucially prevent your guests from reenacting  Kardashian/bottom/flute japes, keep you from adding a long haul flights to your dress budget and give you a spot of change from £5k.

I also have to find them from labels and brands that have serious credentials, know how to cut a pattern to flatter , don’t flake out or run out of fabric mid-season when the pressure is on and provide excellent customer service.

I was invited to consider two new brands this season. Maggie Sottero’s ‘other’ label Sottero & Midgely and  Rembo Styling. There was a lot of dresses I left behind, I am nothing if not picky, but a lot I adored.  The edit of both labels will be at The Chapel soon and the serious business of dressing up can begin.

SOTTEROMIDGSottero & Midgely sit at a slightly higher price point than Maggie Sottero and for that a bride gets a touch more luxury with their legendary fit. There are low backs that don’t sacrifice waist shaping, lace reinvented with retro guipure and a pearl jacket so entrancing that it could be haute couture.


Rembo Styling are a Belgian brand that have guest designers; I have bought La Folie Douce by Manon.  Folie Douce’s literal translation is ‘sweet folly’ but more correctly ‘magnificent obsession.’ Is there any more accurate way to describe a girl and her wedding dress?

French couturier Manon  Pascual commented that the  “The collaboration with Rembo … allows us to meet the demands of brides who are looking for original, refined styles but don’t have the budget for haute couture.”

For me, for Miss Bush and for my brides the collection channels the look of Claire Pettibone and a raft of smaller US labels but without the high import costs brides can grab cool, exclusive European made dresses at the hard to find  £1200 – £1500 price point


You can find out more about these brilliant new designers and view our handpicked gowns from the latest collections over on our NEW WEBSITE!

Click here to visit

Emma xxx
Emma Meek, MD of Miss Bush Bridalwear
Miss Bush Bridalwear is Surrey’s leading designer bridal shop